Slideshow. LA. Oregon. (a little overdue, i know)

26 Aug


Almost home

22 Jul

We spent the night in Medford, OR last night and got a great nights rest. After having our morning coffee and waffles I finally got to see the one of the cutest girls in the world…Kylah Ann Reynolds. Then I got an amazing phone call…which I’ll fill you in on later.

I am currently at Seven Feathers, short $20 and watching my Sis play Texas Hold ’em.

Be home soon.



The plan.

20 Jul

My incredible sister, Kati Katherine Elizabeth Harper, is flying into Long Beach, CA on Thursday morning to keep me company during the drive back to Oregon. Kati lands at 9:30am, is only bringing a small purse for luggage, is jumping into my car and then we are heading back to Portland. We will be driving until we reach Medford, OR and then we will stay at a hotel there Thursday night and visit some friends the next morning. Our drive will continue on Friday and we hope to stop at the Wild Life Safari in Roseburg, OR on the way.

How lucky am I to have such a great sister?!?! And a mom to help make it all possible!!

I’ll post updates during the Roadtrip.


Eric Comes to LA

20 Jul

After fighting a fire in New Mexico over the past two weeks Eric actually got a chance to come down from Prairie City, Oregon and visit me. It had been exactly a month since we last saw each other and being apart was extremely difficult. We both didn’t think it was possible to see each other over summer, since we are a state apart, and so it was an awesome surprise. He came down for 6 days and we had an amazing time!

Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.

20 Jul

Over the last week or so I have been contemplating what my next move should be. It was always in the plan to move to LA after graduation and my mind could not grasp a different plan even if I tried, and so here I am. I have been here for around 6 weeks and have had some incredible experiences in LaLa Land. Although this place is great and is known for being the land of opportunity I have come to the conclusion that it just might not be the place for me at this time in my life. I find myself feeling as though my life is on hold while I am down here and that I am not motivated enough to find a decent job because my heart is just not in it.

I have absolutely no regrets about moving down to LA because it was exactly what I needed to do. I now know what it feels like to live in Southern California and I gave it my best shot.

As for now, I have promised myself that I will never end up “stuck” in a certain place or working at a certain job just because that is what’s easiest….I am determined to live the best life that I absolutely can and embrace every positive opportunity I encounter.

p.s. just because I am heading back North does not mean I will stop blogging, so please keep checking in.

No longer an intern

20 Jul

About a week ago I let my boss, Ken Sax, know that I wouldn’t be able to intern for him anymore. This internship, although short lived, was an unforgettable experience. Ken and the other interns were great people and it was awesome to have been a part of the team and get to hear all the buzz about what is going on in the industry. I would have kept working for Ken but it started to become an expensive experience and I needed to start making more economical choices.

Sin City

10 Jul

Feeling a little antsy last Sunday afternoon Rachel and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas. Rachel’s aunt has a huge house in Vegas and after a quick phone call we were on the road. The drive only took about four hours and then we arrived at the enormous and beautiful house. This was my first time in Las Vegas and I felt so lucky to have the opportunity to go. The first full day we were there was 4th of July and so we stayed at the house, road around on the boat and watched fireworks on the lake. The next day we went out to the strip to check out the shops and then back at night to go drinking and dancing. It was an awesome time, and fairly cheap. Once again, thank you Silkowskis/Singhs.

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